The Polledrara of Cecanibbio

The Polledrara of Cecanibbio

The Polledrara, identified in 1984, is one of the richest existing paleontological deposits. The site is located on the volcanic Sabatino, slopes about 20 km northwest of Rome and 83 m above sea level.

A museum of 900 square meters protects a vast area of the deposit. Inside visitors can visit (through a suspended walkway) the archaeological excavation that includes a stretch of the river bed is the area to the marshy environment, which holds numerous wildlife relics. The bed of the river is about 35-40 m wide and 1.5 deep.


The discovery of numerous fossil rests attributable for the greater part to the Elephant and primitive Ox allowed us to assume an intense presence of humans and animals in the marsh. In particular, the skeleton of an elephant trapped in the mud with the skull of a wolf between the vertebrae were discovered. Over 500 stone tools associated with faunal remains have been collected: they consist of small pebbles of chert and siliceous limestone, non-fluvial-swamp environment of the deposit, certainly transported here by man.



duration 1,5 hours
type paleontological deposit located in an open air museum
entrance ticket not included entrance ticket not included
special opening special opening (please let me know a few days in advance, because we need to ask for a special permission)



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