Roman Domus at Palazzo Valentini become a permanent exhibition

Archaeological excavations in the basement of the Palazzo Valentini are, from 16th October 2010, a permanent exhibition, which enriches the historical and artistic heritage of Rome with the new archaeological site of Roman Domus.

The work of rehabilitation, research and musealization, continued in recent years with a project entirely designed by art historians, archaeologists and architects, all belonging to the province, gave results of exceptional importance, thanks to to the important position in Roman Age by this area and because the findings help to rebuild an important part of the topography of ancient and medieval Rome.


The fascinating path through the noble "Domus" remains of the imperial age, belonging to powerful families of that era, maybe senators, with mosaics, decorated walls, polychrome floors, pavements and other findings, is supported by a speech enhancement edited by Piero Angela and a team of technicians and experts such as Paco Lanciano Gaetano Capasso, who gave new life to the testimonies of the past through reconstructions, graphic effects and movies.


The visitor will see walls, rooms, peristyle, baths, salons, decorations, furniture and kitchens "born again", thus taking a virtual trip into a great ancient Rome Domus. The path is completed with a large plastic reconstruction of the area in Roman times and the various stages of the Palazzo Valentini, through which the visitor can relocate within the urban context through its several historical layers. This is an example of how unique and valuable the artistic heritage of antiquity, returned from a work of careful and rigorous restoration and rehabilitation, can be enhanced through the use of new technologies.


The excavations will be open each day from 9.30 to 17.00. Closed: Tuesday, December 25th, January 1st and May, 1st. For security reasons, the admissions are limited.

Reservation is required.